Expansion Partners bring decades of experience and actionable expertise across a number of industries.​







We’ve been involved in virtually every aspect of education - from early childhood to lifelong learning. We’ve worked for and with numerous companies in K-12 as well as Higher Education. We have large active networks of thought leaders, policy makers, and prospective customers. And we have deep domain expertise in literacy, language learning, study abroad, assessment, research, ed tech, special needs, SEL, college and career readiness.










We have a strong interest in healthcare, particularly when it comes to issues such as prevention, behavioral health, and the cultivation of mental and physical well-being. We are familiar with and actively participate in the convergence of primary and specialty care, as well as client education and empowerment. And we are bullish on opportunities involving tele-practice, the quantified self, and the collection, analysis, and predictive power of aggregated data.









We have founded, built and grown numerous technology businesses in a variety of fields, from consumer electronics to video games to virtual reality to digital media to cognitive training. The list goes on. We have expertise working with a wide array of companies with Go-To-Market and business strategy, product development, API proliferation, and sales.  We have worked in hardware, software, networking, telecom, higher education, and The Internet of Things (loT). Our companies and clients have grown dramatically, been acquired, and launched successful IPOs.








We work with nonprofits to help maximize fundraising opportunities. We bring an understanding of consumer psychology that is standard operating procedure in the for-profit world to not-for-profits, with special attention to the psychology of volunteerism, fundraising and giving. Considering volunteers and donors as customers allows nonprofits to develop strong, long lasting relationships to sustain their missions. We make it happen by enabling state of the art automated marketing campaigns to expand the size of an organization’s donor base and increase the bottom line. We help clients strengthen their operations and make them more efficient.